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Helpful articles, advice and perspectives on all things sleep.

Knowing where to start finding help can be the biggest hurdle.


Our sleep blog is here to help you get started with useful information, insights, suggestions and strategies for getting closer to that good night's sleep you and your baby deserve.

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New Born Must Haves


As a Sleep Consultant I have a list of things I recommend to my families to help with their baby's sleep, but I also have a good old ‘I’m a Mum must haves.’


In sharing a bit of both with you now, I hope it will help make a little clearer what you really need to spend money on. 

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The Secret to Successful Sleep Training

Good sleep is a learnt skill much like our children learning to ride a bike or writing their name.


Whilst it is absolutely a biological function, if we don’t teach our  babies what we want them to know about sleep, your sleep journey may not be what you had imagined.

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Why I will always swaddle a newborn

I will always, always, always recommend a traditional wrap style swaddle for every newborn baby I work with. Swaddling can make a baby feel like they are still in the womb-and that to a baby is comforting. They are warm and they are snug.

I hear a lot-'my baby hates to be swaddled'. I simply don't believe that, I find it's often an overtired baby who isn't happy about anything or the swaddle isn't being done correctly.

If babies are placed into a more relaxed fit sleeping bag, the startle reflex that they have will see their little arms fly about and possibly wake them regularly. If their arms are firmly tucked in a wrap, the startle wont even be noticed.

I think it is so important to have the right swaddle. We want BIG-to give you a good chance at keeping them in. When I say big I mean 120x120cms. The material I like is a jersey stretch and in th cooler weather you can add a flanalette wrap inside th jersey for added stability.

And then you practise. The swaddle needs to come up high enough behind the neck and then over the chest and under the body. The other side then comes over the chest and under the body, with the fish tail end then folding up over the chest and wrapping behind to secure. 

Believe me, you will have a more settled baby if you swaddle correctly. Once you baby starts to roll from back to front or they reach 6 months they will need to have their arms free for sleep and I like to do this cold turkey. I don't feel there is any point doing it slowly-babies don't like change but if you do it quickly they get used to it quickly.

L'il Fraser is one brand that I recommend and is priced from $29.95.